We came together to make a short film in response to the incomprehensibly horrifying way 2015 has started. It expanded into something of a statement of anger, frustration, disappointment, and grief. Maybe it's recognizable, maybe it's silly, maybe it's offensive. But overall, we hope this short film will add to a conversation that we need to keep having.

UPDATE: Even though we made this over 10 months ago, this week's events have proven our feelings to still be relevant - unfortunately. Let us not stop caring.     - the filmmakers

starring Wendell Jaspers
with Barry van der Zeeuw Suzi Diemel

directed by Jordi Wijnalda
written by Wander Theunis & Jordi Wijnalda
cinematography & editing by Freek Zonderland 

sound recording, mixing & design by Brandon Grötzinger
music by Wander Theunis
grip Joost Kelderman
gaffer Ivar Teunissen
focus puller Marouane Issaoui
production Freek Films
gear Invite-AV
thanks to Annemarie de VreedeHerman ZonderlandJeroen Scholten van AschatFrank DiemelAlex PitstraRosan Breman,

and MerelJudithLucaYmke & Jimmy