Blunt Cinema

Engaged with the world. Internationally oriented. Cinematic.

Blunt Cinema was founded by Freek Zonderland and Jordi Wijnalda fueled by their passion for the world and for filmmaking, they have found their own ways to grow as filmmakers, both in the Netherlands and abroad (a.o. United States, France, Albania, Germany, Turkey). They are outspoken, heartfelt filmmakers and cinephiles who seek to make sense of the world and express their many thoughts and feelings through their films. In 2017 they joined forces with rental house Invite-AV/Joost Kelderman, to be able to have full access to all gear needed for commissioned and independent  projects.

// Jordi Wijnalda
filmmaker · writer · enthusiast

// Freek Zonderland
cinematographer · editor ·  producer