Blunt cinema

engaged / international / cinematic 


Engaged with the world. Internationally oriented. Cinematic.

We try to make sense of the world and express our many thoughts and feelings through our films.
Blunt Cinema is a collective of passion-driven filmmakers, founded by Freek Zonderland and Jordi Wijnalda in 2015. Fuelled by our love for the world
and for filmmaking, we are always looking for our own independent ways to bring projects to cinematic life and grow as filmmakers and human beings.
In 2017, we joined forces with rental house Invite-AV/Joost Kelderman and production force Besma Ayari, to be able to have full access to all gear,
technical knowledge and production skills needed for complex commissioned and independent projects.

We also established a long-term partnership with documentary filmmakers Pamela Sturhoofd and Jessica van Tijn (Special Eyes), co-producing the
documentary Truus’ Childrenabout the Dutch war hero Truus Wijsmuller, who saved thousands of Jewish children just before World War II.
In October 2017, the pilot for Edward’s Miraculous Bookstore, an inspired children’s series by first-time director Annabel Essink, will reach the screens.
This is our first magical foray into fiction for a younger audience, about the power of imagination and the importance of books and stories.

Also upcoming is Slip Away, our little American passion project we filmed with our friends from across the Atlantic in beautiful Colorado last fall.
We are currently finishing up post-production and aiming for a fall 2017 festival release. Lastly, we are gearing up for two feature-length films with
our American producer Brian Love and cinematographer John Wakayama Carey: Five Six Seven Eight (to be shot in the Netherlands in February 2018)
and Foreigners (the feature version of our short Southwest, to be shot in Turkey in the winter of 2018-2019).

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our horizons!